Spider trap


Edward Sheriff Curtis (Shadow Catcher), Kwakwaka’wakw dancers, British Columbia, Canada, ca. 1914.

(Source: fortscrotum)


Relentlessly, the loathsome thing clambered upwards until it had settled itself firmly on neck and shoulders. The two antennae reached down my cheeks, gripping the corners of my mouth and clamping themselves there… And as I fought to unseat the inhuman rider perched on my shoulders, I knew what I was… I was an inferior animal being conquered, beaten, trained by a superior one.’

Damn right you were. Arthropod master race 4 lyfe.


Hans Weiditz, Gossip sisters and the devil, 16th century

(Source: mentepestilente)


Four Billion BCE: Battered Earth


The Emei Moustache Toad has sticky-out bits!

Every year, the males acquire a moustache of spikes on their upper lip.

They use them to fight other males as they try to defend or take over nest sites during the breeding season.

Not just a pretty face…

…Image: Hudson, C. M., and J. Fu


The Pinnacles, Western Australia, Australia: Colourful Continent, Irene and Michael Morcombe 1975


The Horned Tree Frog has sticky-out bits!

These arboreal frogs are incredibly jagged, with spikes and angles covering their body.

The strangest ones are those bony flaps right behind the eyes. Look at how they stretch the wafer-thin skin!